The gyropod hoverboard has now established itself as the reference for smooth and fast urban travel. Many stars use this two-wheeled electric board, which succeeds the famous Segway, and is the miniature version. You want to equip yourself with this gyroboard, but you are certainly hesitating in your choice of product, because the offer has quickly diversified, in ranges and brands. Above all, be careful when choosing your supplier and model, as the quality and durability of your board, as well as your safety, are at stake. Here are the basic tips to make sure you don't make a mistake in your purchase.

Why buy a hoverboard?

Are you tired of taking public transport? The gyropod hoverboard is made for you! Based on the high-tech gyroscopic system, this electric board allows you to move forward, unlike skateboards. Its speed can sometimes reach 16 km/h for the most efficient models! Be careful however with accidents, the wearing of a helmet is necessary! You can find a wide range of gyroboard prices. However, focus on quality for your safety and for the life of the product, its performance and after-sales service.

Where to buy your hoverboard?

You should know that these electric skateboards can be found in general stores or in specialized stores, hover stores. We can only advise you to go to the specialist shop, as you will find in addition to quality products, an after-sales service and a repair center. Buying your board in a generalist marketplace is also taking the risk of running into an anonymous reseller and especially of finding yourself with a counterfeit. Thus, it is a necessary investment to choose a hover store which focuses on quality, performance, safety and ecological impact of the model, as well as after-sales service and repairs. There are also online hover stores, which offer very beautiful products.

What safety standards?

In terms of safety, don't take things lightly. Since the fashion of these mini-segways has developed, we have seen many products coming from countries where the design standards are not the same as in Europe... Ask for explanations, be sure of the manufacturing labels, and understand what is behind the design of your board. The pleasure to be taken should not lead to a risk that can easily be avoided. If you think about quality, choose products with European labels. We heard about these hoverboards that caught fire because of defective batteries, made in China with lower design standards. To your boards!