New forms of vehicle rental have emerged in recent years. Let's take a look at these new practices that will save you money! It might be whether to move your youngest one in a utility vehicle, to impress your sweet one weekend in a convertible, or simply to move around. All these new rental services have in common:
  • an attractive price
  • an insurance included
  • a diversity of vehicles on offer: from the smallest to the largest

Rental between private individuals from £29 per day

The lease a vehicle to an individual will cost you 30% less on average than with a traditional rental company, or about 29€ per day. The advantage is that you can rent a vehicle near you, no need to go to an agency. The vehicles offered belong to private individuals and do not always meet the standards of traditional rental companies. However, you will always have the choice of the vehicle you will rent. Check to have more information about private care hire between individuals.

Car rental at £1

You can rent a vehicle (car or utility) from a traditional rental company for only 1 pound. Why such a price? It is because you are doing a service to a lessor who needs to repatriate a vehicle between his agencies or to an individual who wants his vehicle to move. Bit, it is not all the trips and days searched will be available.  You know, at that price, you can't have everything!

Low-cost rental from £15 per day at airports and stations

Renting the vehicle from a private individual parked in a station or airport car park, may let you benefit from rates up to 60% cheaper than from a professional car rental company. It is also a good plan for owners to have free parking! But you should know that not all cities are yet equipped with this service, which is constantly developing.