When choosing a driving school, it is important to first check the presence of your approval number. This information must be displayed in the shop window and on all documentation provided by the establishment. A good driving school offers driving candidates instructors capable of helping the apprentice driver progress. Choosing the right driving school is essential if you want to succeed with your driving license and benefit from the optimal learning conditions.

Choose a driving school that guarantees mandatory accreditation

It is recommended to contact a driving school with an approval number. This approval issued by the prefect of the department is valid for 5 years. It guarantees a number of obligations such as the size of the premises, the maximum number of pupils per teacher, etc. There are also driving schools offering an agreement authorizing driving schools to grant their customers a system called the €1 per day license. This offer allows young people to benefit from a payment facility. Driving schools offering this type of formula must subscribe to a quality charter for training. This is an additional guarantee of seriousness.

Choose a driving school according to the rates

Even if, legally, driving schools should display in their windows the price of their most common package (20 hours of driving training), unfortunately, 1 out of 5 establishments does not respect this detail. Comparisons of driving school fares are more complex because the services included in the packages offered by these agencies are not identical from one establishment to another. It is not uncommon for a package to offer learners additional services such as a module to learn how to make a report, night driving courses, etc. Other driving schools omit costs that the learner driver will have to pay. Another detail to be taken into account is that the duration of lessons varies from one institution to another, and a difference of 10 minutes in the duration of the courses has a significant impact on learning.

What questions to ask before registering?

Driving candidates who are looking for a driving school to increase their chances of success in obtaining a license should be interested in the duration of the training contract. It should also be noted that good driving schools alternate theoretical and practical courses. They allow their students to drive before taking the Highway Traffic Act exam. It is also important to know the number of candidates presented by the driving school for the monthly exams, the average presentation times...