You only use your camping-car a few weeks a year, and plan to rent it to make it profitable? You do not have a vehicle and prefer to rent one from time to time according to your needs... and you have never dared to rent it to individuals before? Whether you own a vehicle or are a future tenant and you want to have more information about private car rental, check and learn more about rental between individuals!

Rent your car to your neighbor safely

All week long, you use public transport to get to work. And your car stays in the garage: it is useless and expensive (in insurance, garage rental, etc.). Why don't you rent it out? Many web platforms offer the possibility to create your classified ad online, to propose your car. Other individuals can rent it for a day, a few days, a week... As an owner, this solution is: - Secure: the site acts as an intermediary and secures the rental - just as platforms such as Air BnB that secures the rental of real estate between individuals. - Totally flexible: you decide on the days of availability of your vehicle. You can generally accept or not accept a "tenant", depending on the comments he or she has received on the site. - Attractive: you can earn up to 600 euros per month: enough to reimburse the maintenance costs of your car! Registration on the site is free of charge. Only a part of the rental is collected by the site, for its role as an intermediary and for insurance. Indeed, these intermediaries include insurance and assistance services, provided by platform partners. As soon as a "tenant" takes the wheel he is insured by this specific contract, and in case of an accident, your personal insurance (and your bonus) is not affected.

Rent your neighbor’s van, it’s practical and economical

On the other hand, do you want to rent a private vehicle for the weekend or a van to move? Renting between private individuals has many advantages. - The offer is wider today, and if you live in a fairly large city, such as London or Paris, you can often find a vehicle in your neighborhood. - The rates are more attractive than those of car rental agencies. - The formula is more flexible than in an agency: you can often find an agreement with the owner for special schedules, so that he can "deliver" the car to your home... - You benefit from insurance for the vehicle, driver and passengers, full assistance...

A safe and smart solution

Renting between private individuals, everyone wins! The owner makes his car profitable. The tenant can use a car when he needs it at a lower cost. The planet also benefits because the manufacture of additional cars (if users bought a car rather than renting one from time to time) would represent a heavy environmental cost (in water, energy, raw materials, waste and emissions...). And thanks to the insurance provided by the rental platform, you are perfectly insured, in all cases... without impact on your bonus-malus coefficient if you are an owner. This is not the case when you lend your car. Finally, renting between individuals is also an opportunity to make unexpected encounters, such as all collaborative and social services such as carpooling, home exchange, renting different goods between individuals, etc. And the more you use the service, the more you are known to the network - after each rental, both the owner and the tenant can express their opinion on the transaction. Little by little, a network of trust is being created around the nicest owners and tenants!