When choosing insurance for your scooter, it is important to ask yourself the right questions such as whether the insured will be the only driver, the value of the scooter, whether the price of the bike really justifies buying insurance against theft... Before signing the contract, you should be wary of small print clauses and deductibles. The choice of scooter insurance takes into account the examination of cover, contributions, options, deductibles...

Choose from different types of scooter insurance

The most economical insurance option is third party insurance or civil liability. This mandatory coverage covers compensation for bodily injury and property damage that may be caused to others. The scooter owner may also choose to purchase intermediate scooter insurance. This formula provides better compensation than civil liability. To drive a scooter with complete peace of mind, it is recommended to take out all-risk insurance. It should be noted that third party and intermediary insurance may be supplemented by optional contracts such as driver's damage coverage, scooter loan insurance, property damage coverage, legal protection, theft/fire, walk or work insurance, etc.

Finding the right insurance for your needs

When buying a new or used motorcycle, it is essential to take out insurance. Might as well choose a contract adapted to your needs. It should be noted that when buying a two-wheeler, the insurance contribution often varies according to the power of the engines. As the displacement increases, the insurance company applies a premium increase. It is also necessary to establish a list of your coverage needs: minimum or all-risk insurance, coverage for equipment and accessories, etc. Since the amounts of compensation and deductibles for intermediate and all-risk insurance contracts vary from one contract to another, it is recommended to compare the proposed coverage. It will also be necessary to check the amount of deductibles that represent the amount payable by the insured in the event of a claim.

Equipment and theft insurance

Motorcycle owners should consider insuring equipment such as helmets, motorcycle clothing, gloves or customization accessories for two-wheelers. Those who neglect equipment insurance will have to replace this expensive equipment at their own expense in the event of damage or theft. According to statistics, about 100,000 motorcycles are stolen every year in France, for example. It is understandable why theft coverage is one of the most frequent causes of claims by motorcycle owners.