Insuring a motorcycle is mandatory, it will be necessary to look at the criteria allowing insuring your machine well. The selection of the motorcycle must take into account the rider's profile. To properly cover a motorcycle, it will be necessary to take into account its blue rating. For a second-hand motorcycle of low value, opt for third-party insurance, which is the legal minimum required to drive a two-wheeler.

Motorcycle insurance: a legal obligation

Motorcycle insurance is a legal obligation in addition to being an important coverage in the event of problems such as theft, fire, and accident or material damage to the machine. Indeed, it is forbidden to drive a two-wheeler if it is not insured. Drivers can be satisfied with third-party motorcycle insurance, which is the only mandatory coverage. This insurance contract covers material and physical damage to victims in the event of an accident where the driver is at fault.  However, compensation does not cover its own damage. However, it is strongly recommended to add additional options to your third party insurance such as driver personal injury coverage. This precaution is all the more important when you know the risks of accidents that motorcyclist can suffer.

Main criterion when choosing motorcycle insurance

The main criterion of motorcycle insurance is its price. It should be noted that the cost of the guarantee varies according to its options. By adding options, you are better covered in the event of a claim, but the cost of the contribution is higher. It is important to adapt your insurance to your budget, your driver profile and study the list of expectations beforehand. There are 3 main formulas offered by insurance companies. Motorcyclists can choose between third-party insurance the minimum, intermediate insurance including for example theft and fire and all-risk insurance.

How to assess your needs?

Before taking out motorcycle insurance, you will need to take stock of your needs. The driver will need to be interested in the value of the motorcycle, the intended use, the amount of the contribution that is willing to be paid and the expectations in terms of coverage and compensation. It is also important to determine the value of the machine; it depends on the make, model, age, mileage... The insurance formula, the level of coverage or the amount of compensation vary according to the value of the vehicle also called the Argus rating.