When buying a vehicle, regardless of its size or type, you should immediately think about insurance. Without insurance, you will not be allowed to drive. So what are the different types of insurance that a scooter driver can buy? And in the case of a taxi-scooter, is the insurance different?

Different types of insurance for different needs

Depending on the use of your scooter, you will have to decide for yourself what type of insurance you need. If you intend to use it professionally, for example by becoming a taxi-scooter, you will have to take this criterion into account. The different types of insurance are: - Third party insurance - All risk insurance - The third party + These insurances can also be customized with optional guarantees.

Third party insurance, economic, but limited

Third party insurance, to start with, is the most economical solution you can find. It does not cover bodily injury to the driver, but to any passengers you may carry, bodily injury and property damage. However, many insurance companies include driver protection in their third party coverage. This insurance is not suitable for taxi drivers, as it is the company that must insure both the driver and passengers, so another type of insurance is required.

All-risk insurance: paying more to guarantee your safety

All risk insurance is best suited to those who are looking for flawless safety for their scooter and themselves. It is the compulsory insurance that companies must offer to their taxi drivers. With comprehensive insurance, all material and physical damage to the driver, passenger or vehicle is covered. Whether the driver is responsible for a collision with another vehicle, slips or is not responsible, the damage suffered by the vehicle, the driver and any passenger will be compensated. In the event of an accident with an unidentified third party, it will also be so. For a company manager, under the law, it is mandatory to provide his employees with the equipment necessary for their core business. In the case of a taxi-scooter company, your employer is obliged to provide you with an all-risk insured vehicle. However, for an individual, there is still another type of insurance.

The third +: halfway between third party insurance and all risks

The third party + is an adaptable offer that will protect you better than a simple third party insurance, and will be less expensive than an all-risk insurance. Thanks to a third party insurance +, you will be able to adapt exactly the protection you want: will you drive alone? Is there a risk that you will take passengers? Is it in a professional context or simply personal? What happens in the event of theft or fire? Do you live in a country where a natural disaster may potentially affect your vehicle? You will need to consider all these criteria before you purchase the insurance. Finally, remember that in all cases, insurance is compulsory and that therefore you are a professional taxi-scooter or a simple user of a scooter on a personal basis, you must have one to be able to drive, at the risk of your vehicle being immobilized if you cannot present one during an inspection.