The success of this car was such that it brought out the mark of financial difficulties and imposed the Porsche 911 in the world of cars. At first glance, it looks like its predecessor the SC and differs mainly thanks to the installation of electronic injection. It is one of the most sought-after models because of its durability. This Porsche perfectly combines ease of use, performance and sensations. Here are the elements to take into account in order to make a worthy investment.

Engine and suspension

When properly maintained, the 3.2 engine of this Porsche can travel up to 300,000 km. This performance attests to its solidity, which must be rigorously verified. The engine condition of the Porsche Carrera 3.2 must therefore be free of any concerns. To do this, it is important to see the car's maintenance logbook in order to find all traces of operations. This will tell you if it is necessary to replace the motor. However, the engine must be overhauled after every 10,000 km. The car must remain normally lubricated. Occasionally, seepage may be noticed in the housing. This is not alarming as long as the exudation is not excessive. Also check the rims that are essential for good handling. New cars come with rims 15′, but they are on the market with Fuchs rims 16′. Also check the suspensions and shock absorbers, which should be firmer than those of a classic Porsche. As for the gearbox, prefer the 911 type G with the G50, much more reliable than the 915.

The vehicle's bodywork

Like the Porsche 911 3.0 SC, the Carrera has a steel hull. Despite galvanization and painting, traces of rust are frequent. You can choose between targa, cabriolet, speedster or coupé. But first, you have to go around the bezel, the headlights, and the radio antenna. If you choose a targa, it is very likely that the central roll bar and the battery tray have been damaged. It is also necessary to check if the Porsche Carrera 3.2 has had any accidents, by checking the existence of dubious folds behind the bumper. It is not advisable to opt for rejuvenated models with modified elements. The best way is to buy a car with a clear and simple history. Remember to inspect the car from all these angles. Porsche 911s are often exposed to door-knocks. To avoid having to change the bodywork, take a look at the underbody and bumpers with bellows. This car, like all 911s, is equipped with 4 very durable brake discs. However, the rear brake may have defects. If the Porsche has been driven in a sporty way, it is possible that the rear axle may be worn out. If you are driving for the first time, it is possible that the steering wheel movement will be perpendicular when the speed is high. This is completely normal and may increase as the liquid in the tank decreases.

Interior and other components

A good Porsche Carrera 3.2 must have an impeccable interior. You will especially need to examine the carpet on the driver's side or the top of the dashboard, which can split, proving that it is too long in the sun. It is also necessary to inspect the electrical equipment and the waterproofing of the removable roof. On the handling side, it is often necessary to wait until the gearbox oil is at a good temperature to better handle the gearbox. Despite the demands of driving it, this Porsche remains very versatile. Above all, do not try to save on the price. The car can cost on average 40,000 euros, but it is better to pay an expensive price to have a car in perfect condition.