Here you can find some tips on how to proceed when looking for a car adapted for the disabled. People with reduced mobility can drive for a long time without any problems thanks to the use of specific vehicles. There are some things to check before you want to buy a used car designed for people with disabilities.

What should be checked in a vehicle for disabled people?

If you are looking for a car for people with disabilities, you should check the condition of the elements specific to this type of car. Ensure the condition of the reel straps used to secure a passenger in a wheelchair. For the safety of the disabled driver, it is crucial that the straps are free of wear and tear. The disbursement and access ramp hinges must also be free of significant rust. Before purchase, it is also necessary to examine and test the operation of air suspension systems with lowering and automatic access ramps. Check with the owners that the lifting platforms have received the annual maintenance that is mandatory for this type of vehicle.

Choosing a car adapted to your disability

When looking for a disabled equipped vehicle, it is important to ensure that the facilities are adapted to your situation. For example, paraplegics with a disability in both legs must ensure that the brake and acceleration controls are designed at the steering wheel. This system allows disabled drivers to drive using only their upper limbs. The car can benefit from an accelerator-brake-pull-push system. This type of accommodation may also be appropriate for hemiplegics. These are people with one arm and one leg disabilities. In the event that the driver has a disabled leg, it will be necessary to ensure that the vehicle is equipped with inverted pedals.

Selection criteria for a TPMR vehicle

There are several criteria to consider when looking for a vehicle for the disabled. You can choose from different models of minivan, ludospace or van corresponding to your needs. When choosing the vehicle, the number of people transported in a wheelchair should be taken into account. Thanks to the van, we have a vehicle capable of transporting 2 to 6 people with reduced mobility. The advantage of this type of transport is that it has enough space to carry luggage and other useful accessories for the movement of disabled people. Comfort and safety are also part of the selection criteria. It should be noted that to drive a van, you must have a B license.