Are you planning to buy a new car? Then this article may be of interest to you. Buying a new car has the advantage of not having to deal with all the risks and technical problems that used cars can have. But for that, you have to pay more! So how can you get the best prices on your brand new car?

Going to a car representative

Using a car representative can allow you to obtain attractive discounts on the price of your future car. Approximately 20% discount is possible depending on the agents. For an example of new car representatives, click here. The latter obtain attractive prices by buying cars in bulk from dealerships and then selling them to private individuals. In addition to attractive prices, the car representative can provide you with sound advice and in any case gives you the same guarantees as a professional.

Buying at the right time is in the right place

To buy your car at the best price, you have to know how to buy at the right time. Fairs, open days, specific "days", etc. All these special commercial moments are often an opportunity for brands to offer attractive discounts on vehicles. Also consider destocking at the beginning or end of the year. These vehicles have long taken up space in the car fleets of dealerships or even car representatives who can also offer destocking. It is a matter of getting rid of them quickly to sell and renew their stock. The place can also be important: buying a small city car in the countryside is always smarter than buying a city car in the city where everyone wants one! Finally, why not look abroad? Buying your car in Germany if you are a cross-border commuter can be a great opportunity to do business!

Advice during the purchase

It should be noted that you have every right to negotiate your car, even if it is new. Depending on your negotiating skills, you can get a discount of about 10%. Obviously, this can be a dangerous option if you are not experienced in commercial negotiations with sellers who negotiate all day long! However, you should know that giving a small discount to customers is part of the game. Note also that it is possible to make the competition play to good advantage, in particular on the equipment proposed on your model compared to a model of a similar range at another manufacturer. Finally, consider also the possibility of taking out insurance or credit with your manufacturer if possible. These bundles can sometimes reduce the final score.