It is no longer uncommon to see electric bicycles on the streets. Presented as an environmentally friendly means of travel, many companies have adopted it for deliveries. But that is not the only reason why it is advisable to replace a scooter with an electric bicycle. Being a bike courier has many other advantages. Read on to discover them.

Bike courier, an economical solution!

Being a bicycle delivery man is much more economical than being a scooter delivery man. With a courier bike there are no fuel costs. Maintenance costs are lower than those of a scooter. Also, with an electric cargo bike there is no need to take out insurance. Free of all these expenses, it is possible to achieve up to 50% savings by choosing the bicycle option for delivery.

Bike courier, a time saver!

The bike courier saves time when travelling. Of course, being both two-wheeled vehicles, the risk of getting stuck in traffic jams is lower with a scooter or a bicycle. However, the electric bicycle has the particularity that there are cycle paths specially designed for its use. Not sharing the road with other means of transport, you move faster. It should be noted that the bike for delivery can go up to a speed of 25km/h.

Bike courier, for better security!

With a scooter the risk of an accident is higher than with an electric cargo bike. The maximum speed at which a bike courier can travel gives him the opportunity to slow down if necessary and avoid a collision. In addition, when the bicycle delivery person travels on bicycle paths, the risk of collision with a car, truck, scooter or motorcycle is virtually null.

Bike messenger, improving the company's image

Being a bike courier helps to improve the company's image. Travelling by electric bicycle sends a strong message to customers that you are concerned about protecting and preserving the environment. By adopting an eco-responsible attitude, you show them that their health and that of future generations is important to you. The company's image will be even better if the delay in deliveries is reduced by using a bicycle. As a result, customer satisfaction will be high and your services will always be appreciated. These are good reasons to replace your scooter with an electric-assisted bike. It should be noted that a bike courier also exercises while working, which is beneficial to health.