There are models of motorcycles that are suitable for beginner motorcyclists who have just received their license. Two-wheelers adapted to novice motorcyclists are not too powerful and accessible models. Thus, when choosing the machine, new A2 license holders sometimes have difficulty finding each other when buying the motorcycle. Here are some tips.

Examples of motorcycles suitable for beginners

Start off calmly and get used to the handling of motorcycles by investing in a machine that is not very powerful, versatile and accessible. With the generalization of the A2 permit, the choice of displacement for novice motorcyclists is limited to 35 kW or the equivalent of 47.5 horsepower. Among the motorcycles that meet these criteria is the Yamaha MT 07. This motorcycle, which has 75 horsepower, will have to be restricted to 47 horsepower to meet the conditions of the A2 licenses. Once the A permit has been obtained, you can restore its initial power. With an initial power of 35 kW, the Honda CB500F does not need to be clamped. The two-wheeled vehicle has an impeccable grip, is lightweight, easy to handle and is safe. Young drivers can also invest in a Kawasaki ER6N.

Choose motorcycles according to certain criteria

The best motorcycles for beginners are two-wheeler models that provide the rider with driving pleasure and safety. It can thus be determined that the best beginner motorcycles are those used by motorcycle schools. These are mainly roadsters and trails with a displacement between 500 and 600 cm3. The selection of beginner motorcycles varies according to the age of the rider, the morphology (height and weight) of the riders as well as the riding position. For example, people with back problems should avoid sports models and prefer trail or roadster.

Choose a new or used motorcycle to get started?

Buying a new or used motorcycle generally depends on your financial means. As new motorcyclists, often the means are limited, when looking for a used motorcycle you have to be careful about the purchase price as well as other hidden costs such as routine maintenance, insurance, maintenance, purchase of consumables like brake pads, tires.... Buying used motorcycles when you are a beginner has other advantages. The price is lower when buying and maintaining a used motorcycle than when it is new one, second-hand two-wheelers are less popular with thieves. Using a used motorcycle is often recommended for beginners to get used to riding.