Buying a used scooter allows you to reduce your budget in your motorcycle acquisition project. However, some precautions should be taken, as a used scooter has already been used. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the two-wheeler is in working order and that it is not exposed to any danger by riding it.

Main points to check before buying a used scooter

It is important to start with competition. It will be necessary to compare the offers on the market by checking similar models with equivalent mileage. To avoid giving in to a compulsive purchase, it is recommended to set a starting budget that takes into account fuel expenses, maintenance costs and motorcycle insurance contributions. In the presence of the machine, there are several elements to check to be sure that the scooter is an excellent deal. For example, it will be necessary to check the overall condition of the two-wheelers, for example, to be attentive to the condition of the bodywork. The careful examination of the various components of the scooter must be carried out with great care: handlebars, tires, shock absorbers, brakes, electrical systems, fixing, engine... The seller must take certain steps: change of ownership, submit the vehicle purchase invoice or transfer certificate...

Attempt to detect hidden defects

The problem with hidden defects is that these defects cannot be unsealed with the naked eye unless the buyer is a professional. These defects affect the scooter and make it unusable or doomed to failure if it is not repaired quickly. As hidden defects, the buyer is not made aware of the problem at the time of purchase. To try to discover these more or less serious defects in the long term, it is recommended to always try a used scooter before buying it. By testing the machine, invisible defects can be detected at standstill. It can be a trajectory defect, dangerous behaviors, abnormal noise, suspicious smoke emission....

Tips for buying a used scooter

The problem with scooters is that these motorcycle models hide the mechanical components under the bodywork. To detect potential problems, a more thorough inspection should be undertaken. The buyer must check that his future machine is ergonomic. Make sure that the motorcycle is adapted to its size. While the scratches on the plastics used to cover scooters should not frighten buyers, this is not the case with slots. In the long run, the damaged part will have to be replaced. Mileage must also be examined. For example, when you want to buy a 125cc scooter that has covered more than 4000 km/year, it is recommended to negotiate a better price.