The metro is not the only means of transport to avoid traffic jams. The scooter is very convenient for getting around town quickly. But you still have to know how to choose the best model. Thanks to this purchasing guide, discover the criteria for choosing the two-wheeler models that best meet your expectations.

Choose your scooter according to the type of displacement

50cc scooters are limited to 45 km/h. This type of two-wheeler is available from 14 years old; it can be driven without a license. However, you will need a Road Safety Certificate and a School Certificate of Road Safety to be able to drive it legally. The 100cc scooter is more economical in terms of maintenance and mileage costs. Compared to 50cc bikes, these bikes consume more fuel. Choose a 110cc scooter that combines efficiency, rigor and a better level of performance. Holders of a B car license with more than 2 years' seniority can drive a 125cc scooter. These two-wheeler models are the most common on the market. These scooters can reach a maximum speed of around 100 and 115 km/h. To drive a 250cc, you will need a motorcycle license. These two-wheelers are very interesting for city driving thanks to their liveliness and surprising acceleration. This type of vehicle has a maximum speed of about 130 km/h.

Choose a scooter according to the main categories

Urban scooters are the most popular two-wheeler models since their relatively compact size is suitable for different types of drivers, even the youngest. These types of motorcycles are designed for short urban journeys. Their compact size makes it easy to avoid traffic jams and drivers can easily find a parking space in a car park. The GT scooter is suitable for long journeys alone or in pairs. While sports scooters are popular with design enthusiasts, 3-wheel scooters offer greater stability and comfort.

Choose a scooter according to the routes and engine

When you decide to buy a scooter, you can choose the route as a criterion. To do only small races in town a 50cc or 125cc should suffice. Those who wish to take a trip out of town will have to invest in a 3-wheeled scooter. These motorcycles are adapted to the extra-urban route. To ride on the highway, buy a 500 or 600cc scooter. As for the choice of engines, it can be made by favoring a 2-stroke, 4-stroke, electric or injection engines.