When you are on two wheels, whether on a bike or scooter, motorcycle cross country or motorcycle, (almost) nothing is as important as a good helmet. In the event of a fall, not having one could be fatal: because unlike 4-wheel vehicles, it is the user of two wheels who acts as a "body"! We will see in this article that there are several types of helmets and several brands that are more or less reliable.

The most reliable models of motorcycle helmets

Several models and more ranges exist, but not all have the same reliability. Moreover, not all of them have the same approvals! This is why it is important to distinguish them clearly from each other. And also to know the best quality/price ratio!

The motorcycle jet helmet (and half jet)

The jet helmet is one of the most famous helmets in the world of two-wheelers. Although it protects the head less than other more integral helmets, it still protects a large part of it since it generally descends to the maxilla (one part of the jaw). Its light weight, ventilation and funny appearance make it a very good helmet for motorcycles, scooters and motocross bikes. However, it is not the most optimal from a security point of view because it is "open" and also because few of them have visors (or screens).

The full motorcycle helmet

If the jet helmet is one of the most used and known in the world of wheels, then the full-face helmet is probably THE most famous helmet. With its completely "closed" look, it completely protects the face and jaw, unlike the jet helmet which is open. This is probably the best protection to have on two wheels, it is more pleasant than others during rain or strong winds and it is probably one that provides the most comfort. On the other hand, it is less airy than many others, which sometimes makes it difficult to tolerate in summer (especially since it is heavier).

The modular motorcycle helmet

Finally, the modular helmet is a mixture of the jet helmet and the full-face helmet. It can be transformed thanks to a chin strap system that can be mounted on the top of the helmet. As it is a slightly more sophisticated helmet, the price is higher. In addition, some of the modular helmets are approved to protect during both "forms" of transformation, but not all! It is therefore always necessary to check if it is possible to wear it in "jet" and "integral" mode before acquiring it.

Reliable brands

There are many reliable brands in the motorcycle helmet sector, and it would be too long to make an exhaustive list of them. Among the most famous brands on the market, we can find the following ones: Brand 1: AVG Founded in Italy, AVG (Amisano Gino Valenza) manufactures motorcycle helmets that are considered to be among the most advanced. Initially a manufacturer of leather saddles and motorcycle seats, it finally turned to the production of high-end motorcycle helmets. These helmets have been extensively tested by a number of professional pilots, who quickly adopted them. Brand 2: Shark Shark is a French company specialized in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets. The helmets it produces are considered the most reliable and popular on the market. Moreover, the international market is very much in demand for Shark helmets because their "sporty" design and high resistance (including on the visor which is scratch-resistant) have been very successful. It should also be noted that the inner protection of the helmet is considered good. Brand 3: Shoei Shoei is a Japanese company also specialized in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets. It is renowned for being not only reliable but also aesthetic. It is also very appreciated and appreciated by motorcyclists. What is the main advantage of Shoei? It is robustness. For the record, the first helmets designed by Shoei were designed for the construction industry, a sign that safety is part of its DNA. Conclusion Choosing a motorcycle helmet is not an easy task among the huge range of products on offer. But often, the simplest things are the most reliable. The helmets presented are the most famous or recognized in the motorcycle world: whether they have a good ventilation system, are made of carbon fiber, are branded or have a tinted glass screen, helmets must in the majority of cases be recognized by everyone. It is always necessary to do a double check-up on any motorcycle protection equipment before purchasing it, because it is important to keep in mind that "prudence is the mother of safety"!