The displacement is calculated in liters for cars and in cm3 for motorcycles. There are a few tips to choose the right number of cylinders for your bike. Although motorcyclists prefer to base their motorcycle research on power, it is important not to neglect the torque of the engine, which represents an important value.

Criteria for choosing engine specificities

Many motorcyclists buy a motorcycle based on its look or use (circuit, travel, utility...); the selection of the machine can focus on the pleasure provided by the driving experience. For this last criterion, the engine makes it possible to offer more or less a good driving feeling. By studying the specificities of the engine, we evaluate the torque which is the feeling of catapult felt when the throttle is suddenly activated. The calculation of the unit displacement is done by dividing the motorcycle displacement by the number of cylinders. The lower the unit displacement value, the lower the torque available at low speed.

Single-bike three-cylinder motorcycle

The single cylinder is often associated with a light motorcycle, as it weighs less than 200 kg. Driving this type of machine brings a natural character thanks to its construction, the unit capacity for this type of machine is important. When driving this type of machine, you can perfectly perceive the piston strokes every time you operate the handle. This allows immediate sensations and the rider can enjoy himself without having to drive fast. Not all two-cylinder engines have the same design. The 2 cylinders have often flexible engines capable of reaching 2000 rpm without having to pile up. The three-cylinder engine takes over the advantages of the two-cylinder engine with a turbinelike noise.

4, 5 and 6 cylinder motorcycles

With 4-cylinder motorcycles, the unit displacement is smaller; the engine can be activated faster and with more power can be sought. While most of the 4 cylinders are arranged in line, there are a few exceptional motorcycle models with V-shaped 4 cylinders. These bikes are nicknamed V4. The 5 cylinders are quite rare motorcycles; we only discover them in MotoGP. Driving a 6-cylinder machine makes it possible to have a machine with an infinite velvety texture that is both very supple and gives a feeling of not tiring thanks to a relaxing ride.