You want a Shark helmet for the bike but you don't know your size? You have seen models that you like on the internet but you wonder how to know if you will choose the right size without trying it on? We give you the method to follow and all our tips!

Measure your head size

To determine the size of your Shark helmet, the first thing to do is to measure your head size. To do this, put the 2.5 cm tape over your eyebrows and pass it through your ears. Then refer to the matching table to find the right size for your Shark helmet. Thus, for a head circumference of 53-54 cm, the corresponding size is XS. If it is 55-56 cm, take S, for 57-58 cm it is M, for 59-60 cm the size is L, for 61-62 it is XL. This can be up to 3XL for a head size of 65-66 cm. If you are between two sizes, it is better to take the smaller one because the foam from the cheek inside the helmet will settle and shape itself to the shape of your face. If you take the size above, your Shark helmet may become too big and therefore no longer provide you with quality protection.

A Shark helmet adapted to people who wear glasses

This is an important point to consider when purchasing this equipment because if there is not enough space, your glasses may be damaged if you force the helmet on and as they will be strongly supported, it will cause you pain. If you drive for a long time, it will quickly become unpleasant and impossible to take the risk of driving without your glasses! The solution is then to opt for a full Shark helmet with cheek foams and side seats specially designed for glasses. This will allow you to remove them and put them on without difficulty.

The fitting of the helmet

Whether you buy your helmet in a physical shop or have just received it after ordering it on the Net, fitting is a crucial step. It must be done with the chinstrap closed and tightened. Then move and turn your head to make sure it follows the movements of your head without floating. In addition, when you wear it, no pain should appear in your head. If you can run your finger between the helmet and your forehead, it is too big, but if a red spot appears, it is too small. The chosen model is therefore not suitable. On the other hand, if it is the foams of the Shark helmet that seem to squeeze you, it is normal; it takes time for them to take the shape of your face. Once found, you will need to clean it regularly to ensure its longevity.