Choosing the right tire for a vehicle can be like a Chinese puzzle. You will be able to read in this article the tips and advice on how to select them efficiently. Have a good reading!

Dimensions/load indexes/speed index

The first thing to know is the size of your tire. That is, what the manufacturer has put on your vehicle since it left the factory. Generally, original tires are perfect for the car so it is better not to change the tire reference. 205/55R16 91V, you have already wondered what these figures mean. The answer is simple: 205 it refers to the width of your tire and 55 its height, "R" = radial, 16 corresponds to the diameter of your rim. Taking the example again, 205/55R16 is a 205 mm wide, 55 mm high tire that can be mounted on a 16'' rim. There is still the mention 91 V. This is called the load index and the speed index; these are well-defined standards. For this example, 91 means that the tire can support up to 615 kg of loads; and the letter "'V'" = 240 km/h speed limit.

Tire adhesion: meaning

We always hear the term adhesion, but do you really know what it means? Adhesion is a phenomenon that occurs when the tire comes into contact with the ground. This is what gives the vehicle perfect or poor handling. There are 3 types of grip: dry ground grip / wet ground grip / snow ground grip. When buying a tire, you must be careful about its grip on the road. To find out which tire adapts to the climate for better grip, ask yourself this simple question: summer or winter tire? Summer tires are perfect when the temperature is above 7°C. Below this temperature, i.e. in winter you have to change your four tires to winter tires for a good grip. Winter or snow tires are the types of tires used at low temperatures. When the climate is cold, the rubber hardens so the tires no longer give the same grip. However, winter tires do not harden at low temperatures. Hence they are almost perfect for snowy, wet and dry roads. Summer tires adapt to hot, humid and dry climates, but only if the temperature is above 7°C as mentioned above.

Where can I find good tires?

Nowadays, everything is done online and by correspondence. To find tires online, you have a multitude of choices like green light tires, S-point tires or Midas tires. When the choice of the specificity of your tire is made, it is time to find salespeople. Above you can see a non-exhaustive list where you can make orders. Each tire seller offers all types of tires that exist. Their difference is only in terms of brand and price. Perform a price comparison to find out who offers quality at the best price. In conclusion, in order to choose car tires, you must take into account the meanings that are written on the worn tire. Use the above instructions and tips before buying. And finally, keep in mind that tire selection is also a safety issue.