To repair a poorly mounted window, grease the mechanism, change the door trim or simply replace the car panel, you will need staples (a staple is a small body part). To help you install/remove these famous panels, we have chosen to take as an example a standard and very popular model: the Peugeot 207.

What are staples used for?

Car door staples are inexpensive body parts that you will need to replace each time you handle your car door panel. Indeed, they are used to hold the elements of the panel.

The cost

A vehicle door clip is usually sold in a set (in a kit) designed for those who have needed to put down or remove their car door. This body part is easy to find online or at your garage. To find this car part at more discount prices, you will however prefer merchant sites that generally offer a large number of products for very attractive prices. As such, famous blogs dedicated to car and motorcycle news have published articles on this subject. In "Everything you need to know about car parts sold online", the blog lists the advantages of this practice. Be careful and always take the type of bodywork part that fits your vehicle. A Peugeot 207 will not use the same body part as a 2010 Citroën C5 that will not use the same as a Fiat Punto... So before you go to purchase, make sure that the staples are compatible with your vehicle.

Remove the panel of a car door

If you do it right, this step will take place relatively quickly (about 20 minutes maximum). It is not uncommon to see owners carrying out this type of work without going through a garage. To disassemble your panel you will need very few elements:
  • A cross-head screwdriver or a torx wrench
  • A flat screwdriver
These two objects will allow you to unscrew the many screws that hold the panel.
  • To start, you will obviously need to open the door of your Peugeot 207. A 45° opening will guarantee you certain stability during your installation.
  • Using a screwdriver or torx wrench, remove as many parts as you can: the window control unit and the mirror.
  • Once these elements are removed, they can be easily disassembled. If there are electrical connections on your model: unplug them.
  • Below, you will have access to new screws that will have to be removed.
A body part can be removed carefully and without brutality unless you plan to replace the entire door.
  • When all these steps have been completed, you can lean on one of the protruding edges of your door. All that's left is to disassemble it.
Around it, your door is loose but it still holds: there are clips (staples).
  • You pull on them to remove them.
Normally, at this stage, your panel is removed. Depending on what you are trying to do, you may need to remove your speaker (to reach the mechanism that blocks the glass). Again, you will have to unscrew what is left. When you have achieved everything you wanted on your door. It will be necessary to check all the elements, one after the other, to check that no bodywork parts have been damaged during the process. After this essential check, you only have to change the door staples and repeat the entire operation in the opposite direction. Inspect your finished work, but your car door should be intact or even more operational than ever.