Small vehicles such as two-wheeled vehicles are very practical for driving in the city. Indeed, because of their small size, they allow you to sneak between cars but also to find parking spaces more easily. In Paris, therefore, many people opt for bicycles, scooters, scooters and other low-volume means of transport. But in addition to the practical aspect, there is also the environmental issue. Thus, in order to limit atmospheric pollution, manufacturers are increasingly turning to electric vehicles. This is why electric scooter rental companies have been created in Paris. Now the question is which electric scooter model to choose.

Renting offers certain advantages

Some people prefer to rent rather than buy. There are several reasons that may explain this: First, it is an economical solution since only the time of use is charged. The rental is therefore perfect for people who do not need to travel frequently. Then, in terms of vehicle maintenance, the rental company takes care of it. The same goes for the risk of theft and motorcycle insurance, all this is the responsibility of the company and not the customer. For recharging, all scooters in use are already recharged. The user therefore has no need to worry about this. Then to finish, it should not be forgotten that the rental still allows you to have a choice on the electric scooter model. Rental companies have several models, sometimes the best on the market today. So it's the best way to drive the scooter of your dreams; whether it's a 50 cc, 125 cc or 300 cc.  Currently, the one that attracts the most people is the BMW C Evolution electric scooter. These are the main advantages of renting a scooter in Paris. In short, this makes it possible to control travel costs but also to avoid the daily worries that can arise from maintaining a vehicle when you own it.

How to rent an electric scooter in Paris?

In Paris, since scooters are very practical, there are quite a few companies that offer them for rent. Today, when renting a scooter, the procedure is relatively simple. This can even be done in a few steps online: registration on the platform, booking the model and secure payment via the payment card of the customer's choice. For the rest, simply wait for the service to deliver the scooter to the location indicated by the user. Then when the latter no longer wishes to use his means of transport, he informs the company and the latter picks up the motorcycle where he left it. It is also important to note that there are two types of rental:
  • short-term rental for people who only occasionally wish to drive a scooter;
  • Long-term rental for those who need a vehicle for a longer or shorter period.
Professionals will prefer this second option because companies have developed various special formulas for each profile. For more information about rental conditions and prices, it is advisable to contact the electric scooter rental service in Paris directly.

Why choose an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are recommended in large cities in the same way as electric cars. The reason for this is mainly related to the preservation of the environment and the current climate issue. Driving an electric scooter is much more environmentally friendly than running a motorcycle with a gasoline engine that pollutes both the air and the noise environment in a city. Moreover, with this means of transport, you preserve your money by eliminating the budget dedicated to fuel. But it is not only that, the fact that electric scooters are not able to exceed a certain speed (45 km/h for the majority of 50 cc scooters) also limits the risk of accidents. In fact, there is no point in driving at high speed in the city, where vehicles tend to push each other.

How do I know the characteristics of an electric scooter?

Each electric scooter model has its own characteristics. On the scooter and motorcycle rental sites in Paris, you can read the specificities of all the vehicles put into service. This includes information on maximum speed, battery life, charging time, power (1000 W, 2000 W, etc.) and the number of passengers supported. Of course, other information may complement the above, but this varies from one service to another. Alternatively, as the references of the scooters offered are also displayed on the online rental platforms, some small searches on the manufacturers' websites can be informative. And finally, regarding the performance of each bike, rental service sites often let their customers post their testimonials and opinions based on their driving experience.